Wes Welker To Marry Hooters Model Anna Burns This Weekend [PHOTOS]


As we reported back in January, Wes Welker is getting married to Hooter’s heartthrob Anna Burns. Boy does time fly because this adorable couple is tying the knot this weekend in Aspen. Welker got into some trouble earlier in the week when he and some of his pals had a run in with security. He was at an Aspen food/wine festival where him and his bros started a commotion, nearly causing an all-out brawl. Are you getting cold feet Wes? Turning to the bottle?

In all seriousness, we wish Anna and Wes the best. Hell, we even sent them a gift. Would you expect anything less from BC? Check out the top-of-the-line avocado tool we sent their way:

Here’s to hoping that Anna’s new hubby will be her ticket to staying in the public eye. More Anna is a good thing for all of us.

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