Engaged H.S. Cheerleader Coach Megan Crafton Admits To Giving Oral To H.S. Basketball Player In Her Car!!

Yep, we have another chick in power taking advantage of high school boys. Indiana police say cheerleading coach Megan Crafton has admitted to performing oral on a 17-year-old basketball player during a January grocery store parking lot tryst.  Yes, she admits to it.

Does that lead have your attention?

It only gets better for Crafton. According to Fox 59 in Indianapolis, she’s engaged!

After a long investigation, police said Detective Capt. Bill Dwenger filed a warrant for Crafton’s arrest. Authorities said Crafton turned herself into police custody.

Crafton was not a teacher at the school and she did not coach the 17-year-old student.  However, Crafton was in a position of authority as a school employee.

“We wouldn’t be having this conversation if it was her and some other gentleman who doesn’t go to the school or isn’t part of the school system, but unfortunately in this case, it was and it made it illegal,” said Lt. Michael Turner, Shelbyville Police Department.

UPDATE: BC finds Megan Crafton Twitpics!

According to the Indy Star, cops had only been working on the case since February. That’s right, four months of investigating a BJ while real criminals like pimps traffic underage girls through Indy via the I-70/I-65 corridor. No biggie.

We checked WeddingChannel.com and couldn’t find evidence of a gift registry for Crafton and her future husband.

Do you know Ms. Crafton? Have bikini pics we need to see? Let us get a better look at what’s doing because we’re confused by the court pic. Mug is an 8 and court is a soft 6.


[Via Fox59.com]

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