Buy The Sgt. Tebow’s Lonely Jets Print On eBay For Only $10! [MOMENT OF TEBOW]

Tim Tebow is accustomed to The Beatles-like attention that he receives on a daily basis. Before now, that is where his similarity to Lennon, McCartney and the gang ended, but eBay seller chicbiz has changed that. This unique print has Timmy doing his thing with countless people who are in some way shape or form tied into his life. I must admit that a lot of the people on there must have pretty obscure references to Tebow, but either way it is a pretty well done piece!

For such a unique piece, it’s selling for a shockingly low price. At only $10, we’re shocked one of the Tebow nerds hasn’t sprung on this one. Maybe it’s due to the fact that Jesus is getting a piggyback ride from Tebow, practically humping him into the Tebowing position.

There you have it. Chicbiz is trying to unload two of these bad boys and they are available for the next 20 days. Any takers out there in the BC world? Click here to place an offer and let us know if you make the big purchase!

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