20 Best Photos Of BJ-Giving Cheerleader Coach Megan Crafton Twitpics!


BC broke the news earlier today that Indianapolis cheerleader coach Megan Crafton was involved in some serious sh*t. By serious sh*t we mean a 17 year old boys private parts. She admitted to giving the student a BJ in a parking lot and is now facing legal action. Knowing the repercussion the online community was about to send her way, Crafton acted swiftly and deleted her Twitter. Turns out she wasn’t quick enough as BC has secured some scandalous twitpics!

A BC tipster gave us the heads up and we jumped on the chance to scope out some dirt on this broad. We found 20 twitpics that reveal a few things.

  • The girl straight up LOVES making the duck face
  • Her and her fiance are potheads. He tweeted: “If I didn’t know any better I would think my girlfriend was a stoner @megcrafton #yeahmanweedisgood”
  • She has a kinky side
  • She also claimed on an Instagram photo about her fiance: “He has my whole heart. ❤”

He has your whole heart Megan, but apparently he doesn’t have your whole mouth. Read our full report on the incident here and stay tuned to BC for any updates to this developing story.

Have more pics of Megan we need to see? Someone also needs to bust through with a bikini shot. Send ’em in.


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