17 Greatest White Guys Freaking Out Over Darren Rovell Signing With ESPN Tweets


The news of Darren Rovell going back to ESPN after six years with CNBC was confirmed this morning – via Twitter – by the Twitter genius. *Disclaimer – we like Rovell. The sports world, at 2:30 p.m., would be boring without a guy like Rovell blasting out some statistic to wrap your head around. Only difference this morning is that now we know Rovell will be gaining a gigantic new audience. Of course white guys are all sorts of pissed off. 

*Disclaimer #2 – I’ve met and had beers with Rovell. The beers went down at Super Bowl week in Indianapolis in the city’s farmer’s market building where a Darren Rovell Tweet-up was attended by around 50 people. Look, you have to realize that Rovell is an entertainer/business reporter. TV at 11 a.m. on SportsCenter is less about reporting and more about entertaining your ass because (A.) you’re unemployed (B.) you’re in college and skipped class (c.) you’re working at a job you hate and watch ESPN to pass the time (D.) you own a bar and need content on the TV to keep visitors occupied during lunch.

So settle down, white guys. No need to get bent out of shape. It’s entertainment.

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