Tim Tebow Throws Up Sorority Sign, Possibly Attends Sorority Party [MOMENT OF TEBOW]

First Tebow takes a photo with scantily-clad Broadway stars, now this! A tweet sent out last night by a blonde Delta Gamma sorority sister shows Tebow in a pretty interesting position. It appears to be a Twitpic taken directly by said blonde’s phone and uploaded to Twitter. Very little else is known about Tebow’s whereabouts and business with the sorority sisters of Delta Gamma, but the photo was taken pretty late in the evening.

Tweets from the day before suggest that the girl who took the photo, Hannah Sewell (@hanniiii3), was out and about in Tampa. Now it makes sense that Tebow is out and about in Florida, but the time of the photo is what might be a little suspect. It was posted last night at about 11:30 p.m. with this captioning the photo:

There you have it, Tim Tebow throwing up the “Deeg”. Hannah and the rest of her Delta Gamma sisters are probably in their happy place now with Tebow pictured repping their beloved sorority.

As for BC? We aren’t satisfied with this. There has to be more going on here. For being so careful with potentially controversial photos, it comes off as a bit strange seeing Tebow doing anything sorority related at 11:30 at night.

Are you a Delta Gamma sister with a Tebow scoop? Do you know where this photo was taken? Let us know!