The Twitter World Drops Some Deserving Hate On LeBron’s Headband


If you have been paying attention to LeBron’s career, you have noticed the progression of his headband. It started out normal, but this year (and the NBA Finals) in particular it has grown to become more of a towel wrap than a headband. The thing just grows, and grows and grows. As we expected the Twitter world has taken notice and fans across the globe have posted pics of themselves modeling their own rendition of LeBron’s massive headgear.

It seems like every week there’s something new that people rag on LeBron for. This time it is a literal rag. Most of the hate that LeBron gets is totally unwarranted, but he really deserves it this time. The guy looks like a total buffoon. Is he trying to hide his hairline? Does he think it looks good? These are just a few of the mysteries we may never uncover from the LeBron headband saga.

We want photos of some babes in LeBron headbands. If you have any, you know what to do:

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