Mark Cuban Boarded His 228-Foot Superyacht This Morning, Turkish Newspapers Report


What’s your hero Mark Cuban up to this week? Oh, not much, just jumping on his 288-foot superyacht ‘Fountainhead’ that just happens to be hanging out in the harbor of a tiny Greek village island in the Aegean Sea. Hate the guy all you want. The guy goes from his Mavs getting their asses handed to them, to admitting he lost his ass on Facebook and then to his superyacht.

Get a good look, because this is the life you’ll never lead, losers. 

According to Turkish sports site Fanatik (translation via Google):

Mark Cuban, the island of Leros in Greece with 88-meter luxury super yacht came to Bodrum from this morning. Cuban living in Dallas with his wife, Tiffany Stewart, where two children and close friends ‘Fountainhead’ of the super luxury yacht, anchored in Black island breaches. Cuban and his family down to the yacht in Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology in Bodrum after visiting bazaar and returned to bed at noon.

Cinema hall, basketball court, swimming pool, all kinds of water sports can be done to the equipment, 3 and 6 normal cabin master cabin yacht was learned that his 35 staff. Super luxury yacht on the tourists who drew a lot of photos over the breakwater.

You read that, losers? Staff of 35. You’ll be lucky to ever find a wife who’ll do your laundry.

We did some research ‘Fountainhead’ and learned that Cuban took ownership of his fishing vessel in 2011, according to Stefan Katafai at

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