Jules (In Bikini) Writes BC To Tell Us About Vegas Stanley Cup Sausage Fest


That’s Jules, with Gronk Daddy. She and some friends happened to be at Wet Republic last Friday for the Stanley Cup party we ripped on over the weekend because it looked like a giant sausage fest. Jules, from Nashville, sent an email last night to clarify that the Cup party wasn’t a huge sausage fest because her pack of bikini friends were there and partying with the Kings & Gronk. Mythbusters, these girls are. 

Jules writes:

Busted Coverage,

My name is Jules and here are a few pictures of me and my ladies that were hanging with the Kings at Wet Republic. I myself didn’t mind the sausage fest .I have some more hot Vegas pics at my twitter site.


NFL Tight End Gronkowski stopped by there party. I got a picture with him.
My friend Amanda is a huge hockey fan so she got some pictures with the Cup.



We’re proud of you, ladies. For one thing, you know football players without their shirts and also know what the Stanley Cup is. If BC was to ask 100 women what that trophy is, at least 83 of them wouldn’t have a clue. For that, we’re proud of you.

Now, which of you would be single? Totally thinking of catching a Vanderbilt football game in the fall. Let’s make something happen.

We asked for photos of bikini chicks going to town on Lord Stanley and our readers deliver. Now, where are the bikini chicks bonging a beer from the Cup? We know you’re out there. One of you has been partying with Mike Richards & Jeff Carter over the last seven days. BC wants to hear all about it. 


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