Christian Crazies Angry Over $85 eBay Toast Seller’s Buttered Tactics [MOMENT OF TEBOW]

I don’t want to hear another damn word about the recession. Some idiot, from of all places Denver, dropped $85 (plus shipping) on a piece of grilled cheese with an outline of what appears to be Tebow. You read that correctly. $85 of some clown’s hard earned cash went to a piece of burnt grilled cheese. You can’t make this sh*t up. Another moment of Tebow to make our collective heads shake.

Ebay user carlspacker76 claims:

While hastily making lunch today, I slapped together two slices of bread and some cheese for the old standby of the grilled cheese sandwich.  I’ll freely admit I was a bit sloppy with my butter application and this sandwich was not going to be my best work.  I’ll also admit my frying pan is crappy and distributes heat very poorly, so I was not exactly expecting a work of art for a sandwich.

If that statement isn’t a crock of sh*t, then I don’t know what is. Apparently BC isn’t the only crew to hop on the fake train with this culinary work of art. Global Christian Post reporter Katherine Weber also thinks something fishy is at play.

… the seller merely used liquid butter to draw the image of Tebow on the bread, and naturally the heat from the skillet did not fully toast the buttered area.

Katerine Weber is not taking this lightly. She doesn’t want Tebow-toast to be wrongfully considered an act of God and she doesn’t seem to be sold. However, one commenter on the Global Christian Post, seems to be on board saying, “Wait, this was all the compelling evidence I was seeking. Praise Tebow!” The madness continues gentlemen, the madness continues.