Anthony Hargrove Bountygate Press Conference Highlighted By This Hasidic Jew


Scouring Twitter this afternoon, we noticed Anthony Hargrove, former member of the Saints, announced that he would be speaking outside NFL headquarters. Of course BC couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check out the weirdos at Hargrove’s hastily scheduled event where he had some choice words for his NFL overlords. Side note: Look at this Hasidic Jew getting Hargrove to smile for the cameras.

Impressive work, Matisyahu.

Hargrove, now playing for Green Bay, spoke at his podium on a Park Ave. sidewalk for about 15-20 minutes and had some pretty wild quotes, and even used Bill Clinton’s name in a sentence.

The words they have used over the months to capture your hearts and minds have been many, practiced, and calculated. But that does not make them true. It just makes them good at what they do. They are, in my opinion, master politicians. Bill Clinton once said, “I did not have sex with that woman.”

Of course it wouldn’t shock us if Hargrove ended up getting a longer suspension and/or fines for this in-depth presser. He was very aggressive in accusing the NFL and Roger Goodell of lying and manipulating the public’s view on the scandal:

They also said that I declined to be interviewed a few weeks back. Again, untrue. I know it sounds dubious to the public when they hear that I declined to visit with Mr. Goodell, and that was their intent, I’m guessing. But they were the first to decline. After that, I, too, became dubious.

Blah, blah, blah. Look at this guy donning some pretty fresh Louis Vuitton shoes. Hargrove better chill with his clothing expenses this year. Eight unpaid weeks coming your way, homeboy.

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