15 White People Wiggin’ Out Over Clemens Verdict On Twitter


Usually our daily Twitter post is dealing with some of the most outrageous, over-the-top responses from tweeters to the nights big sports story. Today we decided to switch it up and bring you 15 of the nerdiest, corniest white guys/gals reacting to the Clemens not guilty verdict from yesterday. If you can’t tell by these tweets, the people were mad…but managed to contain themselves, avoiding f-bombs and keeping their hot tempers in check. Government corruption! Wasted tax dollars! Nerds! Check out the tweets below!

As we were following the trial via Twitter yesterday, we must admit we were pretty shocked Clemens was acquitted of all six of the charges that were up against him. People were abuzz about the fact that with Clemens being free to walk, there is a chance Sandusky may receive the same treatment. Take it easy folks. Just because these two individuals were involved in the world of sports does not mean The Tickle Monster will walk. For now, enjoy these nerdy tweets because when the Sandusky verdict is read, you can bet that Twitter will switch from nerdy to NSFW really quick.

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