Roger Clemens Found Guilty Of Having Sh*tty Tailor, Hair Stylist & Personal Trainer [PHOTOS]


Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Roger Clemens perjury trial verdict was read, the guy was found not guilty of lying to Congress and then he exited a D.C. courtroom to throngs of waiting media. What instantly stood out about this tired man? That suit. That baggy, horrible suit and Roger’s hair. WTF happened to this guy who was never seen away from a baseball field without hair gel?

And what about that suit? Was it purchased Saturday?

Think back to 2003 and the now infamous Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue where Rocket and his wife, Debbie, were in the best shape of their lives. And Rocket had frosted tips. Just nine years later and this is life. Droopy suits and flat hair.

This was Clemens in 2010 during one of his court hearings. Just look at the precision on the tips. Frosting dripping down those perfectly gelled follicles.

Go back to 2009. Beautifully frosted tips. Probably the best the tips ever looked.

Maybe the guy gets his life back in order and loses the extra weight. Maybe he burns that awful off the rack garbage suit. Maybe he starts frosting again. Only time will tell. Let’s hope the old Roger comes back with a vengeance. Frostier tips than ever before.

Until then, you’re just looking at a sad, sad man.

[Photos via @jimbaumbach)

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