Giants Fan Calls 911, Says He’s President & Demands To Talk To Tim Tebow [Moment Of Tebow]

Another day, another moment of Tebow. This time, the breaking news is coming to us from Hopatcong, New Jersey where police have arrested 28-year-old Giants fan Jason Slater…in his mothers house. This guy called 911, said he was the president and demanded to speak to Tim Tebow, (and I quote LeBron) not one time, not two times, but on three separate occasions on June 10. First off, the dude is 28 and still crashing at his mom’s place. Second off, who the hell would ever want to speak to Tim Tebow that badly?

As if it wasn’t embarrassing enough getting arrested at your mothers house after three 911 calls demanding to speak to Tebow, it somehow found a way to get even more embarrassing. Police arrived and searched the house to no avail. They eventually got permission to search the mothers bedroom and found this slug hiding in her closet underneath a pile of pillows.

Police say a northern New Jersey man made repeated 911 calls and called police headquarters demanding to speak to Tim Tebow.

Charges of creating false public alarms have been filed against the man.

Hell yes, this story gets even better, according to

After Slater was released, he threw his summons complaint to the ground outside of the department, police said. He was warned to pick it up, police said. Then he grabbed it and threw it back on the ground by Dunkin Donuts on Hopatchung Road, police said.

Officer Paul Barta then charged Slater with littering, police said.

Clean up your act, bro. If you have the balls to call 911 three times with a list of demands, why not make it worth your while.

(Via NBC New York)