Kevin Durant Was At Miami Hooters On Saturday Because He Loves The Wings


Before everyone goes and makes a big deal about Kevin Durant spending Saturday afternoon at a Miami Hooters, please understand that this guy LOVES Hooters. It was his off day and the 135-pound stick figure needed to eat while waiting for Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Understand that this guy is a Hooters aficionado. Loves the place. Research tells us KD really does go to Hooters for the food. 

No, seriously, he was there for the food. A search of Durant & Hooters reveals a love affair that is just begging to be a business partnership. Look at this from way back in 2009.

[via George Rodriguez]

Is he right or is he right?

There you have it, kids. Want to meet your hero, KD? Get your ass over to Hooters Bayside and stake it out.

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