Gronk DESTROYS Vegas & Fat Chicks With Dancing Prowess


Ho-hum, another weekend of Gronk & The Jizz Blasters in an exotic locale judging bikini contests, wearing his meathead YOLO sunglasses, shankin’ his ass for fat black chicks, etc. Look, at this point the only force of nature that is going to stop this guy from jetting off to a club is training camp. That doesn’t happen until like July 26.

In the meantime, Team JB will gladly be hired by Wet Republic & Haze Nightclub to act like a meathead.

TMZ & a bunch of people on Twitter could barely contain themselves over Gronk’s job on Friday of judging a bikini contest. Ho-hum. Then, at some point this weekend, Gronk “took over” one of the stages at Haze Nightclub inside Aria. The big news from this video is the NFL’s highest paid tight end putting on a show for two of the fattest black chicks inside Haze. Ho-hum.

Finally, we have your hero at one of his pool stops where he debuted a Nike ‘Capitan’ shirt we hadn’t seen before this weekend. Ho-hum.

At this point we’re getting close to be Gronk’d out. Too many parties to keep track of. Too many bikini broads bragging about getting a photo with the legend. Yawn.

If you had sex with Gronk at MGM Grand, Aria, etc. and want to share your story, feel free to drop the details. Remember, girls, YOLO. Don’t hold in your tales. Share, share, share. Be proud of your accomplishment of being bedded down by the NFL’s highest paid tight end.


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