Drunk Bird Call Guy At U.S. Open, For the Win! [VIDEO]


At the conclusion of yesterdays U.S. Open tournament we were bracing ourselves for another dull, by the books, Bob Costas interview with champion Webb Simpson. Things were going according to plan until one of BC’s new favorite superfans slipped on-screen and made what appeared to be an exotic bird call. The guy was on screen for about three seconds until security escorted him away, but he got off one hell of a bird call. Watch the gem below.

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: Bob Costas is enjoying what appears to be a normal interview with U.S. Open champion Webb Simpson. Moments later, hilarity ensues.

Climax of Video: The deranged fan jumps in front of the camera, giving a bird call of some sorts before being viciously dragged away by security. This was followed by a douchey response from Webb Simpson: “Enjoy the jail cell, pal.” Give the guy some props Webb, and although he blew up your spot, it was infinitely more entertaining than your interview.

Conclusion: Congratulations on the win, Webb, but next time just live a little and enjoy the drunk guys antics.

Tournament Results: 1) Webb Simpson +1, T2) Michael Thompson +2, T2) Graeme McDowell +2

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