Dancers Of The NBA Finals: OKC’s Bailee Is A Rangers Fan, Too!

Making the NBA Finals in your rookie year is a recipe for disaster. You start to expect to be in the Finals every year and get disappointed in a 2nd round exit. It’s tough for the players, but its got to be tough on the dancers too. Take Bailee for example. She’s an Oklahoma State Cowboy in the Finals in her rookie year with the OKC Dancers. How is she going to handle it next year when the Lakers don’t completely roll over in the playoffs?

See, you guys think it’s just about T&A with us. But we really care about these girls. We don’t want them to suffer needlessly. That’s why we’re creating a cheerleader support group that offers these girls a place to go when they need consoling. I want them to know BC will always be here for them in their time of need. I’m a good listener. And a better hugger!

Know Your Dancers of the NBA Finals: Bailee

• Bailee has no problem “being herself” which must be really hard when you’re a smokin’ hot NBA dancer!

• Bailee really wants to meet Kim Kardashian

• You can follow Bailee on Twitter and check out her Thunder profile page!