20 Sexiest Photos From The Clevelander Bar At Marlins vs. Red Sox


When we first introduced you to our friends at the Clevelander in Miami a few months ago, the ballpark bar was in its early stages. Now, in the heart of the baseball season, the bar is really beginning to explode. Night in and night out, the Clevelander is jam-packed with some of the hottest talent in the city of Miami, often offering more fun and excitement than the game itself. They sent us over some photos from the most recent home game against the Red Sox, and if you aren’t looking for the next flight to Miami, check your pulse.

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Things you should know about the Clevelander at Marlins games:

• $75 per person

Order here. Select game you want to see. Look for the Clevelander seat on right side.

• Don’t waste time ordering. Limited tickets to each game. We’re told they’re going fast.

• Can stay open until 3 a.m.

• Clevelander doesn’t cut off alcohol sales in 7th inning

• 21 & up only

• Opens 2 hours before first pitch

Gentlemen, you are looking at the best damn bar in the baseball land. Forget the price. Forget you’re not really a baseball fan. Forget that the drinks are outrageous. Just get there.

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