Superfans Of the College World Series: South Carolina’s Taylor Is A Cheerleader

The College World Series got started last night with Stony Brook getting drilled by UCLA. Fans are piling in today for South Carolina-Florida. Everyone is having a good time listening to the ping of the metal bat and just waiting for a pitcher to take one off the grill. The only thing the College World Series is missing? CHEERLEADERS!

But you had to know Busted Coverage was going to come through for you guys and satiate that cheerleader addiction in a serious way. And if we’re talking about college baseball these days, the conversation begins and ends with South Carolina. The Gamecocks are shooting for their 3rd straight national championship, so you know Taylor and her pals are putting in overtime in the leading of cheers department. Either that or she’s at the beach. I think we’re winners regardless.

Know Your Cheerleaders of the College World Series: Taylor

• Carryln is a South Carolina girl born & bred

• She teaches cheer for UCA

• You can follow Taylor on Twitter