The 37 Sexiest Superfans of UEFA Euro 2012

With the 2012 Euro Cup in full swing, soccer has been all over the Internet for the past several days. Even if you aren’t crazy about the sport, it is hard to avoid endless tweets, articles or posts about it. That’s where BC comes in. Fear not soccer haters, we have Euro 2012 covered for you folks as well. We scoured Twitter, Reddit, Flickr and every other site trying to find as many photos of sexy superfans as possible.

Euro 2012 Weekend Schedule

Friday, June 15: Ukraine vs. France (12:00 EST), Sweden vs. England (2:45 EST)

Saturday, June 16: Czech Republic vs. Poland (2:45 EST), Greece vs. Russia (2:45 EST)

Sunday, June 17: Portugal vs. Netherlands (2:45 EST), Denmark vs. Germany (2:45 EST)