Paulina Gretzky Partying With The Stanley Cup [PHOTOS]

Want to have a seizure so you can get out of work early on a Friday? Try following along with the Paulina Gretzky Instagram account. One word photo captions. Wicked webs of photos and L.A. hipness. It’s actually one of my least favorite jobs while running this site. Sure, she’s always “looking hot” and in some skimpy dress that fathers don’t want their daughters wearing on the Internet. Oh, and rubbing on the Stanley Cup. 

Wayne’s daughter was at Beacher’s Madhouse the other night for the huge celebration with midgets and women sportin’ giant, disgusting boobs. Paulina was right in the middle of the fun because her last name affords her such fun.

What’s next for everyone’s favorite athlete daughter? Has to be a weekend with the Cup in Vegas planned, right? Maybe a summer fling with member of the Kings. What about a Deadmau5 set while the Cup wears DJ headphone?