Moment Of Tebow: Strippers Tebowing World Record & Baby Jesus To Deliver Father’s Day Sermon

Slowly but surely, the Tebowing phase seems to falling further and further into obscurity. It used to be you couldn’t go a few hours, let alone a day without seeing some clown thinking he’s hilarious Tebowing in school. Now that the schtick has worn off, it’s only when photos like this surface where we care to give Tebowing any sore of positive attention. 5+ strippers down on a knee is never a bad thing, which is why this picture is today’s Moment of Tebow.

This gem (above) comes to us from camera girl @KellyBlueMFC who sent this picture out “4 all my Tebow fans…lol”. Doesn’t Kelly know that Timmy and his fans don’t appreciate things like this? Next time might as well caption the photo “4 all my BC fans…lol” because at least you guys will appreciate it.

In other Tebow related news, reports surfaced today that Tebow will be spending his Father’s Day in a pretty interesting way. He’ll be hosting a sermon in San Diego’s Qualcomm Field centering about a message about “Encouraging Men to Live, Love & Lead.” Can you imagine what that crowd will be like? Sitting for hours with a crew of the most dull people in Southern California listening to Tebow talk about his nonsense sounds like our nightmare. However, if any SoCal BC correspondents are going to be in attendance be sure to tweet us updates and pics of this madness.

Comment of the day comes from ecupatsfan12 at ProFootballTalk: “In this situation Cromartie may be a more appropriate speaker.”

Did we miss any other Moments of Tebow? Did you see Tebow at the grocery? Ever see Tebow getting gas? Ever see Tebow actually driving a car/SUV?