KTLA BALLS TO THE WALLS CHOPPER TEAM COVERAGE: “We’ll Probably Be Over The Lakers Victory Parade”

And yet another slap to the face of the 35k or so Kings fans in Los Angeles who paid attention to hockey this season. Here is KTLA with live team coverage of all things Kings yesterday morning prior to the victory parade. Let’s throw it to the guy up in the helicopter to hear what he has to say about traffic. Ok, cool, let’s do it.

No biggie, right? Wait what did numbnuts just say? Lakers, what?

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: L.A. TV still isn’t catching on with this hockey thing. Can you blame them? Ice? What’s that?

Climax of Video: $500 says this chopper bro has chopper BJ stories that would blow you mind. This has to be the best job in TV, right? Couple hours of flying in the morning while some other guy actually flies you around. Maybe a Noon police chase. Drop the chopper somewhere in Santa Monica for lunch. Drinks. Back into the air to cruise the beach with the binoculars. Maybe a police chase. Then afternoon traffic.

Conclusion: Lakers victory parade. What an asshole.

[Thanks to Puck Daddy]

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