America’s Dumbest Rent-Uh-Cop: Dude Ripped Off Robin Ventura Autographed Baseball From School, Fuzz Alleges [Cuff ‘Em]

Meet 21-year-old Cameron James Taylor. He’s just another homeslice trying to make a living in this country via a legitimate job, albeit one as a rent-a-cop for some California junior high school. He was hired to work early Thursday morning on school grounds in Santa Barbara. One thing led to another, cops allege, and Taylor was busting into the school’s memorabilia case…for this.

A Robin Ventura autographed baseball. Yep, he autographed some stuff for the school because he’s from Santa Barbara. You get the picture.

According to the Santa Barbara Noozhawk:

Sheriff’s Department spokesman Drew Sugars said deputies responded shortly after midnight Thursday to an alarm in the gymnasium at the school, 3700 Orcutt Road.

When asked for identification, Taylor walked with deputies to his car. As he was bending over inside the vehicle, deputies saw a baseball in his jacket pocket that, upon closer inspection, featured an autograph by Ventura.

According to Sugars, deputies also found a piece of the broken display case lock in Taylor’s front pocket.

Not kidding, Taylor could’ve gone on eBay and picked up a Ventura ball for $40 with COA.