Would Someone Please Buy Sugar Ray Leonard’s O.C. House; $2.175MM [PHOTOS]

Poor Sugar Ray Leonard. The legendary boxer has spent the better part of three years trying desperately to unload his Orange County golf course house to no avail. We think there’s a reason – besides the price – buyers are passing on this 6,700 sq. ft. home. It has nothing to do with the bedrooms or open floor plan. Take one look at that stupid pool setup Sugar has in the backyard.

Have you ever seen a more worthless bridge to a Jacuzzi?

That’s exactly why Sugar can’t sell this house. Everyone realizes what happens to drunk people walking on wet bridges at like 2 a.m. after doing body shots in the hot tub, right? Yeah, people crack open their skull on that concrete. Am I spending $2.1 million and getting a deathtrap? Um, no.

First listed for $2.6 million in January 2009, Sugar has now dropped the price $300k below what he paid in 2005. That said, he’s probably going to lose at least another $300k during a negotiation.

Highlights of Mr. Leonard’s House & Horrible Pool

• 4 bed, 4 baths

• Walking distance to beach

• Gourmet kitchen

• Blah

• Blah

• Blah

13 miles to the nearest strip club

Asking: $2,175,000

Mortgage: About $8,000 before St. Regis fees are figured in; pool boy costs, too.