Wait, Did NBC L.A. Pull Another Sacramento Kings Logo Fail Last Night?

At this point, someone email us when NBC L.A. gets its Kings & Kings logos figured out because we’ve learned that even after the L.A. Kings celebrated its Stanley Cup victory this week, the TV station was still confused. You might remember back in mid-May when the first logo error occurred as L.A. was preparing for a huge sports weekend. NBC L.A. even issued an apology for running a Sacramento Kings logo.

Guess another apology is in order, boys.


(UPDATE: We’re still efforting to see if this is an Internet hoax Photoshop job.)

Thanks to @jaclyncampbell for catching yet another logo fail during last night’s 11 p.m. news. We searched NBC L.A.’s site for video of this Kim Baldonado report and it appears the station covered its error. Of course they were hoping nobody realized they’re still screwing up logos.

Ms. Campbell was and so was @Mikecanrant.

Its really disgraceful how NBC 4 in Los Angeles still doesn’t know the difference between the LA Kings logo and the Sacramento Kings #shame

As for NBC L.A.’s apology back in May, it went something like this:

@LAKings: You are correct & we are red-faced. Caught it when it was too late. We’ve corrected the graphic; you won’t see that error again

Ooops, we did see it again.


(UPDATE #2: Confirmed, great Photoshop troll job.)