Jonathan Quick On Live TV At Kings’ Stanley Cup Rally: “How About This F*cking Team Right Here” [VIDEO]

The last time you saw goalie Jonathan Quick he was trying to wrangle his daughter during the Conn Smythe presser after the Kings clinched their first Stanley Cup. It was a feel good moment. Little daughter. Smiles. Daughter coughing. Yeah, well Quick took the mic today at the team’s rally and had a few things to say to the fans. His first sentence included a solid f-bomb and things got better from there. 

“How about this f*king team right here,” Quick started.

Posted: An hour ago.

Premise of Video: Team wins title. Fans want team to speak about winning the Cup. Team holds dumb rally where stupid white people feel good about themselves before going back to watching the Dodgers and USC football.

Climax of Video: Well, he drops three f-bombs on live TV. Take your pick.

Conclusion: KCAL will have to apologize. Quick will have to apologize. NHL will send out apologies. You get the picture. Guys, you can’t be talking like hockey guys when in public. Stop it.

Wait, KCAL wasted no time apologizing. Jesus, would you TV people stop being pussies? Take the FCC fine and deal with it. BEST LIVE STANLEY CUP SPEECH – EVER!