How The Stanley Cup Contracted An STD Last Night In L.A.

TMZ sent out an email alert this morning concerning the Stanley Cup and how the giant trophy went YOLO in L.A. last night at Beacher’s Madhouse with members of the Kings. But the biggest piece of news from the partying had to be the two “short people” and the woman with giant floppy boobs posing with Canada’s treasured trophy. Oh, and Jay Glazer somehow ended up partying with the Cup, too.

According to TMZ, Beacher’s put on a show for the boys and Lord Stanley:

During the show, the Kings were entertained by The Little Kings — a band of little people dressed up like their NHL counterparts … who used the cup as a chair when their tiny feet got tired.

We’re told the Kings arrived to the party with David Beckham … and were met at the venue by UFC legend Chuck Liddell … who filled the cup with beer and had the Kings hoist it up so he could chug with the champs.

As for Glazer, he just happened to be clubbing and ran into the Cup.

Just showed up to a club in LA and THIS is what people are drinking from at our table.

As for Liddell…