Introducing…Canon…The Coolest Little Durant Bro Of The NBA Finals!


It wouldn’t be the NBA Finals without some kid stealing our hearts with swagger for the home team. While we all know there are little kids in Miami covered head to toe in creamy white, this is our first look at a swagged out OKC kid. And he’s better than we could have imagined. Meet Canon. It shouldn’t take very long before he’s all over OKC TV stations doing interviews, screaming Thunder Up, fist pumping, etc.

Your move, TV producers.

Just look at Little Durant Bro rocking the cutoff jorts and sunglasses look like he’s straight outta South Beach. Combine the cutoff jorts, jersey, glasses and faux hawk and this is a local news dream come true. These producers are looking for morning show fodder. Special interest pieces. Fodder that makes the morning news host chick giggle.

This is it. These opportunities don’t come along very often. There’s no reason Canon shouldn’t be sitting in with Skip Bayless and Screamin’ A Smith by Thursday.

For those interested in throwing yourselves at Little Durant Bro, you can contact Canon’s mom @kellimoss.




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