2012 MLB WAG Starting Lineups [PHOTOS]

Now 60+ games into the 2012 MLB season, there are some disturbing trends developing that make us think that there will be certain cities actually paying attention to baseball in late August & September. Take Pittsburgh, for example. The Pirates are four games over .500, a game back from the first place Reds and two games in front of the Cardinals (current standings).

Then you have the Nationals with a four game lead on the Braves. And the Orioles just a game back from the Yankees. Baseball is so hot right now in D.C. that the Nats have attracted 204,000 more fans through 28 games compared to 2011. Only nine teams have lower attendance figures compared to 2011.

As for the WAG all-star teams we compiled back in Spring Training, we figured it was a good time to check in with the ladies and see how things are going on/off the field.


Team MVP: ARod/Torrie Wilson: .276/10/29

Flying Under Radar: Mitch Moreland/Susannah Higgins: .283/9/23

On The DL: Evan Longoria/Jaime Edmondson • Grady Sizemore/Brittany Binger

Starting Pitching: Jonathan Sanchez/Audris Rijo: 1-2, 6.75 ERA


Team MVP: Ryan Braun/Larisa Fraser: .310/15/40

Flying Under Radar: Laynce Nix/Brooke Nix: .326/2/11

On the D.L.: Ryan Howard/Krystle Campbell

Starting Pitching: Cole Hamels/Heidi Strobel: 8-3, 2.93 ERA

WAG To Watch This Summer

Ann Lux/Red Sox 3B Will Middlebrooks

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