17 Hottest Prospects In Bikini Hockey League [PHOTOS]

So the Bikini Hockey League went ‘global’ back in May when some guys came up with the brilliant plan of combining a cold sport, bikinis and women into one of the Internet’s great marketing ploys. There was talk of a reality show. Blah, blah, blah. The BHL was nothing without players. To our surprise, there are actually chicks sending bikini photos to some league that has released exactly one press release.

Shockingly, some of said prospects are actually cute.

But, as with any start-up these days, the BHL is going through growing pains with its prospective player project. How fledgling is this operation? These guys don’t even have a casting couch interview process, according to @BikiniHockey.

Looking forward to getting another round of @BikiniHockey player prospect skype interviews going soon!

Isn’t the interview process why guys start bikini (enter sport here) league? Then again, maybe the Skype process allows for bikini changes while not getting too creepy for the chicks.

That said, BHL officials claim they have 28 solid prospects for wherever direction they take the league. Worst case scenario these dorks have memories of Skype bikini interviews and how, for a couple days in 2012, they had the biggest idea in hockey history.

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