What Morons In Jacksonville Are Behind “Jaguaring?” [VIDEO]


I know Tebowing is probably the last thing you want to hear about these days, but hear me out with this one. The city of Jacksonville, desperate for attention (because apparently Justin Blackmon isn’t cutting it), decided to create its own gimmicky stance called “Jaguaring”. Thankfully the Jaguars organization is not a part of this video or idea, but you can damn well bet they will be embarrassed to call Jacksonville home after they see this train-wreck of a video.

Posted: Friday, June 8

Premise of Video: Adam from Downtown Vision is here to debut the worlds next big thing…”Jaguaring”. That’s all that needs to be said.

Climax of Video: The entire video is absolutely ridiculous, but note how corny the radio personalities are at the 40 second mark.

Conclusion: The response on YouTube says enough about “Jaguaring”. With 27 “likes” and 240 “dislikes” to go with a slew of inappropriate and angry comments, it is pretty clear how the Jaguars community feels about the video. In conclusion, we think the Jags should force Justin Blackmon to do this move after every TD as retribution for his DUI.

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