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Wait, Is That Ray Lewis Chasing Cam Newton With A (Paintball) Gun? [PHOTOS]

Here is Ray Lewis with a (paintball) gun. Yes, he’s chasing dudes with his 4.4 speed or whatever his 40 time is these days and trying to put a paintball straight through their backs. That’s him, #52, over the weekend at some event where NFLers came together to play paintball with kids. Cam Newton was there. The other combatants aren’t important. What’s important is that Lewis has a (paintball) gun in his hands.

But the kicker here is that this weekend paintball tourney was in Ray Ray’s backyard. Not kidding, right off his back porch in Maryland.

From what we can see from the photos, it looks like Cam Newton and some fellow NFLers invited some yuppie hoodrats over to take part in a paintball war. Call us crazy, but our asses aren’t getting anywhere near Ray Lewis and a (paintball) gun.


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