The Divas of WWE No Way Out 2012 [PHOTOS]


The next WWE pay-per-view is coming up this weekend and although Monday Night Raw has been painfully bad lately, Sunday night’s No Way Out has some pretty promising matches. That being said, this post has nothing to do with actual matches so any of you wrestling haters don’t have to turn and run. There will be some divas in action, including a bout between Divas Champion Layla and contender Beth Phoenix. Also, expect to see an appearance by perennial hottie A.J. at some point during the WWE Championship match. We have 20 of the sexiest photos of the divas involved below so you can get prepared for Sunday nights showdown!

LAYLA    Twitter: @mslayel

BETH PHOENIX   Twitter: @TheBethPhoenix

The match between Layla and Beth Phoenix is a re-match of their bout at the Over The Limit PPV and might actually be halfway decent, but the match that A.J. is bound to appear might be the highlight of the show. At one point or another during the past several months, A.J. has been involved with each man in this match in some way, shape or form. She dated Daniel Bryan for a significant amount of time, and after they called it quits she quickly became infatuated with CM Punk. They have had their moments recently, but things got especially interesting last night when A.J. planted a kiss right on the lips of the Big Red Monster…Kane himself! Who knows what A.J. will have up her sleeve at No Way Out, but her appearance and involvement is inevitable and you won’t hear a single complaint out of us…the more A.J. the better.

A.J.   Twitter: @WWEAJLee

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