Chicks Of The Stanley Cup: L.A. Kings’ Ice Girl Carryln Has A Pet Mouse! [PHOTOS]

The LA Kings finally won their first Stanley Cup ever last night . . . and most of the city yawned. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of Kings’ fans in LA. I understand that. But that is just not a good sports city unless the team is winning. So there was definitely celebration last night, but the majority of it was people looking for an excuse to get retarded as opposed to a bunch of hardcore puckheads excited to finally hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup. Carryln, however, is a true puckhead, and it’s not just because she is a Kings’ Ice Girl. She’s got pedigree. Her dad played for the Flyers at some point. In my world, that’s bona fide! Of course it doesn’t hurt that she has model looks, runs in a super hip crowd and has some pretty decent amateur photographer chops. In other words, Carryln is cooler than you even know is possible. That’s LA, baby!

Know Your Ice Girls of the NHL Playoffs: Carryln

• Carryln graduated from Southern Maine University • She has a pet mouse named Bagels • You can follow Carryln on Twitter and check out her Kings bio