Blondes Showing Off Boobs At Missouri Golf Course Popped For Indecency! [Cuff ‘Em]

Sure, Shelly Lewis & Alicia Binford are both past their prime, but it’s that time of year when golf outings turn into a chance to show off your boobs. These ladies were busted yesterday afternoon when Madison County Sheriff’s Department deputies saw the pair flashing their racks. Two things come to mind right off the bat with this story: (1.) Flashing on a Monday afternoon? (2.) What jerkoff turned in these two on a Monday afternoon?

(Shelly Lewis is on the left; Binford is listed on LinkedIn as a bar owner/manager in O’Fallon, Missouri)

According to The Telegraph:

Capt. T. Mike Dixon said investigators responded to the golf course in reference to a complaint of women exposing their sexual organs while on the golf course. He said when investigators arrived they observed Binford and Lewis “lewdly exposing their breasts on the golf course property.”

Hmm, who are we to let Dixon be the one to judge what’s lewd on the golf course? Was it just a nip slip or was there some motorboating going on? And these two were just by themselves flopping out their cans? No dudes provoking the fun?

As for our favorite, kinda leaning towards Lewis. Get the feeling Binford has been ridden hard and put away wet a few too many times, if you know what we mean.

Of course we found Binford’s Facebook and she seems to be a party. Still efforting more pics of Lewis. One of you knows more about these crazy broads. Drop us a line and golf course pics.


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