Bibi Jones and Friend Showing Their Thunder Spirit [4 PHOTOS]

Going into tonight’s NBA Finals game, we were drooling with anticipation. When we say anticipation we aren’t talking about the intriguing match-ups between superstars, we are talking about the infatuation that certain adult film stars have with the Thunder. In the past it became clear that both Bibi Jones and Jesse Jane were Thunder enthusiasts so we were hoping for some more action from them tonight. Low and behold Bibi came through with a few pics for us, and seeing as this is only game one we are all hoping this series goes seven games.

Bibi Jones (@xxxbibijones) and her friend @SexyMissNice graced us with four sexy pics of them hanging out during the game and even cooking what looks to be a delicious pre-game meal. Jesse Jane on the other hand? Missing in action except for a few lame tweets. Jesse, you gotta step it up with some pics of your own to show your Thunder pride before Bibi leaves you in the dust.