WAG Melissa Satta Murdering Miami Beach With Multiple Bikinis [19 PHOTOS]


Was going to leave Melissa Satta photo galleries to our link partners and just blow off her Miami trip as one of those bikini trips we kinda ignore. However, the more we look into this Satta and AC Milan boyfriend Kevin-Prince Boateng trip, the more we get the feeling the U.S. citizen is about to go on a wild summer of bikini blasting spree. Oh, and did Satta get the rack worked on? Those things look a little inflated since the last time BC posted her pics.

We’re not very good with Italian, but it seems like Satta and Boateng might have gone to Miami-Boston Game 7 between beach romps.

In preparazione per la partita!!!! Miami-boston… Che gran finale…..

Wrong move, bro. One thing could’ve led to another and this Boston-born chick might’ve left the arena with KJ or Hondo. Rookie move from Boateng.

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