How Does Tim Tebow Fan Think He’ll Ever Get Laid With This Tattoo?


It is hard to go even a day without hearing Tim Tebow’s name, and today is no exception. Much to our disdain, another God-awful Tebow tattoo has surfaced and made it’s way onto the Internet. This time, the idiot has a colored tattoo of Tebow covering the entire length of his right shin. Give me 30 seconds with this f-ing moron. The message would be simple to this jagoff: “How do you ever expect to get laid with that on your leg?” It’s not happening. 

However, it quickly became apparent that not everyone thought the tattoo sucked. The Tim Tebow Fan Club Blog titled their post:

“Tim Tebow fan has an awesome Tebow tattoo on shin”

Awesome? Come on. Tebow fans have to be literally the most delusional people on the planet, and this is just another example of that. Awesome is about the last word I would choose to describe that tattoo.

Have a Tebow tattoo that you want BC to analyze? Have a sports hero tat we need to see? Send it in.

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