Confirmed: David Diehl F-ed Up These Parked Cars After Croatia Victory! [VIDEO]


At first I was figuring that this whole David Diehl story was just some sort of situation where a rogue NYPD cop was picking on a guy who was just celebrating a Euro 2012 victory. And then came the video some guy shot of the scene caused by Diehl sedan shredding a couple parked cars. It’s true, Diehl managed to trade some paint, causing the neighborhood kids to turn into news reporters.

Where’s Diehl in this video? He’s in the ambulance!

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: Diehl was at some bar in Queens yesterday watching the Croatia Euro 2012 match between his family’s homeland vs. Ireland. One thing led to another and the Giants OL was crashing his black four-door into a couple of beaters.

Climax of Video: Watch that kid break down what had just happened. Where’s Diehl? In the ambulance! Go shoot video!

Conclusion: No cab on a Sunday when you’re going to get ripped and watch soccer? Shameful, especially because homeslice was all prepared to get hammered. Not good, brah. This right here is not good at all.


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