Buy Andrew Bynum’s Mitsubishi Eclipse Off eBay & Impress Chicks With This Autographed Dash


Been in the market for a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse owned by an aloof 7-footer with a bad attitude & tendency to disappear during basketball games? Lakers center Andrew Bynum has just the car you need. This one that’s for sale on eBay and even sportin’ an autographed dashboard. That’s right, chicks will go absolutely nuts when you roll this to the club. Until they blast Red Bull & Vodka puke all over that autograph. 

According to the car dealership selling this machine:

This 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Spyder Convertible is a one of a kind vehicle with huge memorabilia value. This Eclipse has been fully customized by Unique Autosports. Upgrades include:
Fully Body Kit including front bumper, rear bumper, side spats and rear spoiler

Complete JL audio sound system including JL audio AMPS, JL audio subwoofers, JL audio high and lo and more

The backseats on this Eclipse have been removed to push the front seat far enough back to make room for this 7′ + NBA player. It is fixed in this position and can be moved back to original should the buyer want.

Huge memorabilia value? Again, it’s cool and all right now, but how can a guy be sure that one swipe of Armor All® isn’t going to ruin his investment? Say you leave the top down to run in and get a cup of frozen yogurt. Out of nowhere a rain shower pops up in L.A. You come back and Bynum’s autograph is ruined. So much to think about here.

However, just think of the broads that will want to pile in to Eclipse after the clubs to party at your apartment. We hear Bynum dash-graphs are 83% likely to drop panties in L.A.

Your move, investors.

[Buy Andrew Bynum’s Mitsubishi Eclipse – eBay]

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