UNC Football Players Attend Classes Without Professors & Advisors Encouraged It

The UNC Tarheel football program is going through some NCAA sanctions but this takes the cake. Football players were signed up for a class that had no professor which they were signed up for by their academic advisors. The classes were filled with nothing but student athletes. We’re all for taking the path of least resistance but as high profile football players, did they really think they would get away with this? It’s now become a criminal investigation. JUMP!

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What’s even worse about all of this? The professors who turned their heads and didn’t even show up for their class are actually demanding payment for teaching.

The criminal investigation of the AFAM 280 class came after The N&O requested records related to summer pay Nyang’oro might have received in relation to the suspect classes. Nyang’oro received summer pay only for the AFAM 280 class last summer, and it was the standard amount: $12,000.

UNC already received NCAA sanctions that most considered to be pretty much a slap on the wrist. We wait now to see if this will lead to further sanctions.

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