Bob Kraft’s New Girlfriend Is Ricki Noel Lander? [PHOTOS]

We figured Bob Kraft would finally find the strength to move on from the loss of his wife Myra, but never figured he’d move on with a 32-year-old actress named Ricki Noel Lander. Let’s not forget that  Kraft is 71 and extremely wealthy. What’s he going to do, date some 65-year-old smokeshow? Of course not.

The hounds at the Boston Herald took note of Ms. Lander and went snooping.

So, Robert, is this a date, we inquired — because, you know, inquiring minds want to know?

“She’s my pal,” the pigskin pooh-bah replied. “Doesn’t she look great in that hat?”

For the record, it was a throwback Pat Patriots hat and yes, Ricki looked rather fetching. We also feel the need to point out that Kraft and his pal left the Lincoln Courtside Club after halftime hand-in-hand.

We’re told that Robert has been seeing Ricki for at least a few weeks. She was his date to the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards last weekend and she’s been to his house on the Cape a couple of times. The gridiron magnate looked very happy …

So he’s having sex, right? You don’t take Ricki to the Cape house a couple times without nailing it, right? That’s just how the Kraft’s roll, right? Or does he just throw cash at her to sit around and watch the waves crash?

One thing she’s good at is keeping her mouth shut. Not a single peep about Kraft on her Twitter account.

The big question from us is, where are the bikini shots? Let’s see what’s doing with the body. Send pics.

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[Boston Herald]

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