How The F*** Am I Just Now Hearing About Bitch Slap Wednesdays At Kamals In Atlanta?


Look, the NHL Stanley Cup can’t outdraw an episode of Teen Mom on a Wednesday night in June. Why? Because everyone knows the beards won’t be fighting. Hence everyone tuning into Storage Wars, Teen Mom, Hoarders, etc. People are obviously looking for sh*t to go wrong in a person’s life. “Oh, look, that storage locker looks full of sh*t someone pulled out of a foreclosed house.” That said, we have a great show that NBC Sports Network should be all over.

Bitch Slap Wednesdays at Kamals in Atlanta!

Premise: Kamal’s 21 is considered by those in the black community to be the “hottest” strip club in the ATL. Probably one of the “hottest” in the Dirty South. You get the idea. Anyway, some DJs host an event on Wednesdays at 1:30 a.m. called Bitch Slap Wednesdays. Check your local listings. It’s pretty much what you’d expect. BBWs blasting each other in the face with open hands. And when one bitch blasts a bitch so hard that the fans go nuts, some guy makes it rain. Watch the video, you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Climax of Video: The first bitch slap is simply awesome. Water in the face before a bitch slap is the ultimate hardo move.

Conclusion: Of f*cking course we’re sending Kevin The Intern’s ass to this shit the next time he goes hom to mom’s house in Georgia. Our ass isn’t going into this club. Way too white. Kev has a deep tan. Tell us Bitch Slap Wednesdays wouldn’t be ratings gold on NBC Sports Network at like 10 p.m. Would kick the shit out of Gold Rush Alaska.

Tell me white people wouldn’t be flocking to BET in droves instead of watching House Hunters International.

Guarantee Good Morning America will be bitching about Bitch Slap Wednesdays by Monday morning. Brian Ross investigating up in this joint.

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