Eddie George’s Foreclosed Tennessee House To Be Auctioned At Noon CST [PHOTOS]

The scheduled auction day for Eddie George’s Brentwood (Nashville) house is here and is to happen at Noon CST. You might remember last week how Eddie’s reps told media outlets that the former NFLer was shocked that his house was about to be auctioned off. There was talk about getting a loan modification, but it seems too late for that. Looks like you can possibly get this one under $1 million. 

But you’d never know Eddie and his wife Tamara were about to lose a house via their Twitter accounts. Tamara has been in Vegas and talking about a bunch of crap not related to losing her house.

If you are in Williamson County, Tennessee and near the courthouse, stop by at lunch and let us know how much the pad goes for. We’re intrigued.

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