Can Anyone Spell Twins Jeff Manship’s Name Correctly Or Is Manship Too Quirky?


Jeff Manship is a Twins pitcher. Just a reliever trying to make it in professional baseball. Not bothering anybody. He’s 27 and has been getting cups of coffee in the Majors over the last four years with the Twins. By now you’d think someone could spell his name. And then the guy put on his roadie jersey last night in Kansas City. Spelling error and all. 

Should be the end of the story. Jersey FAIL. Internet goes nuts for 15 hours. People move on and forget it a day later. Manship gets some ribbing from his teammates and maybe a few seconds on TWIB Notes.

However, this isn’t the first time Manship has been slapped in the face with a name error. How about during Spring Training when the Twins’ Fox affiliate ran this.

Poor, Jeff.

Next thing you know some jerkoff will get a personalized Manshaft Twins jersey.

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