The ‘Mark Cuban Is Better Than Your Loser Ass’ Photo Collection

Urban Dictionary defines ‘baller’ as: A thug that has “made it” to the big time. Originally referred ball players that made it out of the streets to make millions as a pro ball player, but now is used to describe any thug that is living large. Enter this photo of Mark Cuban chest traying a Bud Light Platinum at Tao Vegas back in May (via @chelsealcaswell).

This photo just might be the best Cuban pic we’ve ever run. The epitome of Internet/NBA baller. Airing out his nuts. Still wearing his basketball kicks. Just analyzing the world and figuring out what chick he wants to hire as an intern at HDNet. Or which one he wants to hire as a Mavs dancer. Or hire as secretary to his secretary.

Meanwhile, you lazy bums are reading Busted Coverage. Lesson learned, boys.