Kate Upton’s Newest Beach Bunny Photos Are Motorboat Worthy

What exactly is Beach Bunny swimwear trying to tell us about their product via the company’s latest Kate Upton photo leak? I’ve used bigger napkins in Italian joints. Where can Beach Bunny go from here? Is there a swimsuit Kate can model that beats this one? Is that even possible? Are we on the verge of being overexposed to Upton’s rack? Is that even possible?

Will Beach Bunny be the first company to manufacture a sand bra? Is that on the table? You know how broads can apply a spray tan like they’re painting a ’69 Camaro? Will a company figure out a way to do a spray-on sand bra? Of course that’s on our horizon for the summer of ’13.

In other Upton news, she turns 20 on Sunday. Adjust your weekend schedule accordingly.



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