Jose Canseco Arguing With Can-Am Umpire Is As Humorous As It Sounds [VIDEO]

Imagine being this umpire working the plate during a Worcester vs. New Jersey Can-Am indy league game. It’s June 3. A Sunday. Your ass is working the Cam-Am league because A-ball didn’t have a spot. In other words, your umpiring life sucks balls. But, you do get to call a game that includes Jose Canseco. Of course this is a big moment. The chance to call a pitch that appears to be low and outside a strike. 

Then it happens, something you’ll tell your grandkids about. You run Canseco’s ass right out of the game for arguing balls and strikes.

Umpiring dreams do come true in the Cam-Am.


Posted: June 3, 2012

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) Jose Canseco, designated hitter for the Worcester Tornadoes, is ejected for arguing a called strike in a Can-Am League game against the New Jersey Jackals. Blah, blah, blah. This bum is batting .171 in 12 games. 1 2B. 0 HRs. 15Ks in 41 ABs.

Climax of Video: “Good effort, good job.”

Conclusion: If you were a pitcher in the Can-Am wouldn’t you throw at this idiot’s head just to start sh*t? Something to tell the boys back home? Makes sense to us.

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